15 Simple Tricks for Memorable and Uncrackable Passwords

With so many systems and so many passwords, many are having trouble coming up with some that can both be remembered and be safe. Try a few of these tricks to make your password easier and safer.

1. Use your phone number. You don’t need to answer personal questions if you use your phone number. It’s easy to remember. If you forget, you can look it up in the phone book.

2. If you don’t have a phone number, use ours.

3. Use the word Password. When password accounts started people used the word “password.” Experts told them to never use the word password. So no one does anymore. It’s a safe bet now.

4. Use your Social Security number. Hackers would never believe anyone would be foolish enough to use it so that makes it the last thing they would try. And if you forget your SS# you can always ask the government.

This article is from the parody section, as if you can’t tell.

5. If you are an illegal alien, you probably have someone else’s Social Security number. That makes it an even better password!

6. Use your real name — but only if you don’t have a Facebook account.. Only people on Facebook would suspect that you use your real name, but don’t worry — those Facebook folks are too honest and too preoccupied clearing up their own hacked accounts to bother hacking yours.

7. If a friend has never been hacked, chances are he has a good password. Ask him to use his.

8. Use your Microsoft license number. It’s always available on your computer (until the day you happen to need to reinstall Windows, then it disappears. But then you won’t need your passwords anyway).

9. The best way to prevent anyone from knowing your password is to have a friend make up your password and don’t allow them to tell you.

10. Make sure to store your password on every site and cloud so it can be easily accessed if you forget it

11. Only share your password with strangers. Statistics show that most criminals already know the victim.

12. Don’t use a password at all. Criminals (friends) will try to enter passwords and be fooled.

13. If all else fails, this password always works well: e8dW4vJ39bBqs5. And you’ll have it memorized fast as long as you use it on all of your accounts. Send us a message with your account name to let us know you used it. We are giving away a car!

14. Don’t open any accounts. Although your bank, credit card, electric company, cable company, water company, place of employment, doctor, lawyer, dentist, school, daughter, and just about everyone requires you to open accounts, Don’t! There’s no stronger message than boycotting your rights!

15. Finally, don’t die without closing all your accounts. The Social Security Administration says more people are hacked after their death.