Ron DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw Blocks People

Christina Pushaw is the attack dog Press Secretary for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Pushaw describes her duties at Twitter on her profile as: “debunking false Narratives about Florida & @GovRonDeSantis • John 15:18 • personal views my own • reporters: no DMs please, email our press office.” By her own account, she’s more concerned about arguing with those who disagree than with trying to defend actions by DeSantis. Except when she’s not:

Christina Pushaw quietly blocked @NewscastNow apparently for noticing that she blocked accounts:

Turns out, press secretary and communications woman Christina Pushaw blocks a lot of people. Let’s see a few others who Christina Pushaw apparently blocks on Twitter:

Christina Pushaw blocks self described “@joebiden delegate”:

Christina Pushaw blocks tennis legend Martina Navratilova who becomes frustrated that she can’t see Christina’s comment:

If you are blocked by Christina Pushaw, you can still reach her here at her official government location:

Republicans claim to support free speech, then they go and block those who disagree with contempt for free speech. When Donald Trump blocked Twitter users, a federal Court of Appeals ordered him to unblock them for First Amendment free speech. However, by the time the case got to the Supreme Court, Trump was out of office–making the case moot.

UPDATE: Pushaw is no longer press secretary, but she is still cancel culturing at a stunning rate:

Chistina Pushaw blocks self described “Conservative”:

Christina Pushaw blocks self described “Independent that leans ultra MAGA”:

Christina Pushaw babbles on with her fingers in her ears and her hands over her eyes:

Christian stealth blocks just about anyone who hurts her feelings:

To see plenty more Twitter users who Christina Pushaw blocks, look here. Also, Grant Stern is collecting a list of blocked Twitter users here.

(updated featured picture.)