Poll: What Donald Trump’s Fans and Followers Have in Common

A survey by the National Polling Service has reported finding a unifying factor in Donald Trump’s popularity.

Findings reveal that businessman, real estate mogul, entertainer and presidential hopeful, Trump, has a broad appeal to the Marvel Comics fan base mentality and for those in particular of Batman.

Many fans and followers liken Trump to Bruce Wayne, the charming, dynamic and ultra-rich alter ego of Batman.

This article is from the parody section, as if you can’t tell.

Well dressed and quaffed sporting a lovely woman by his side — whether whisking out to the next event of the one-percenters or flying out on his Lear Jet on a whim, Trump engrosses his followers in a bigger-than-life way, quite akin to Bruce Wayne. Trump’s life reads like a graphic novel, filled with spectacle and grandiosity.

But questions arise for some …


Can Trump possibly be as noble as Wayne? Can he clean the city of crime? Can he beat down the villains without a nuclear war? Some polled said — if Batman could do it, being only a businessman, Trump could figure it out as well. Since the one-percenters made the middle class and the one-percenters can take the middle class away, any greedy one-percenter that would spend his own money on his campaign must be a noble ‘Bruce Wayne’ type who they can really trust in and get behind. (We know that Ted Cruz and Little Marco cannot.)

Only time will tell.