Not Hispandering Nor Herpandering, 7 Things Hillary Clinton Has in Common With Your Abuela

It’s no secret that Hillary is loving her role as grandma almost as much as her years on the board of Walmart.

She’s always happy to talk about her “beautiful, perfect” granddaughter, especially since she took time out last week from her busy business, foundation and political schedule and learned she was also her own abuela to Charlotte born in 2014.

Here are seven more ways Hillary is just like your grandmother.

(Original story was here, but the story needed major corrections. All fixed now.)

She worries about children everywhere …

“You shouldn’t have to be the granddaughter of a former president to be able to live up to God-given potential, right Madeleine?”


She knows what’s best …

“The science is clear: The earth is round, money is green,
and I am a woman.”

She reacts this way when people le faltan el respeto …


She reads to you before bedtime …


She isn’t afraid to talk about the importance of el respeto
(especially when it comes to women) …

“Mr. Trump insults and dismisses women … When I vote in the Republican primary in New York, where I was the Senator during 9-11, I will be supporting someone who el respeto’s women: Jeb Bush.”

Everybody loves abuela–even these guys.


Hillary Clinton 2016: More of the Dame™

Editor’s note: This story was originally published here before we corrected it.

  • Fred The Med

    Is this one of those “advertorials”? This site has a hard on for hillary. I bet they get paid

    • stoptheidiots

      read the story. its not for her