On the Internet, Nobody Cares if There’s a Question, They Have Answers

About an hour ago, one of our reporters posted a poll on Twitter. The pollster gave four choices and tried to prod the Twitter community with his preferred answer. But the pollster forgot to put the question up. That did not seem to matter as the poll received nearly an answer per minute in the first hour. The choice least selected was the one that the pollster preferred.

This article is from the parody section, as if you can’t tell.

Some at the Newscast Now office complex in sunny Manhattan have speculated that it was Robert Dimly. A full investigation and proper punishment for this failure of journalistic integrity will take place. A 400 page report will be released, and someone will be fired. I am really angry. Anyway, back to the subject.

“Everybody has an opinion, even if they don’t know the question,” interjected an onlooker at the article right here in this spot. “You better go vote right now because your opinion matters. Make up the question that suits you,” she continued.

Here is a screen shot of the poll from our Twitter feed.


UPDATE: Now, some in the office are saying this was a deliberate tactic for material for a fabricated story. Newscast Now will keep our readers informed as developments warrant.

UPDATE 2: The site NewscastNow.com released a rapid response: “Some readers assume magical powers by new sites just because they contain high quality. But even at this site, the occasional mistake occurs.”

UPDATE 3: Some are now hypothesizing that the Tweetsters saw the Tweet that was the subject of a Newscast Now reply, and recognized that the question was the same. One smuggled this larger screen shot out of the internet and posted it to the Newscast Now site to prove that the site was not providing honest and full information. The mistake really was innocent. “Next time don’t be so suspicious,” said writer Robert Dimly, who has been placed on probation.


  • ####

    Seems like more vote coercion. Where’s the option for Trump?

  • Anonymouse

    Nobody asked me.