Great Sinner John Dean Made Money on Book, Koch Brothers ‘Expert’ Got Free Pass

The famous Richard Nixon administration member and Watergate truth teller John Dean was summoned to the Judiciary Committee of House of Representatives today for a hearing by on the Mueller report. Since the current executive Donald Trump has refused to follow the law and answer subpoenas from the House to look into potential wrongdoing in his administration and during his campaign, today’s hearings did not include any direct fact witnesses.

As you can imagine, Republicans on the Committee complained that the hearing did not include any direct fact witnesses. That’s because Donald Trump won’t let on his staff anyone testify, and has threatened those who left to shut up.


One particular outrage by Republicans on the Committee was that John Dean wrote books. Worse yet, he made money on those books. But the worst thing of all is that those books described wrongdoings of certain White House occupants, namely George W. Bush and Donald Trump. John Dean’s crime? Exposing corruption by Republicans of course.

Which begs the critical question: Would Republicans have complained had John Dean wrote books that whitewashed George W. Bush and Donald Trump?

But more importantly, what would stop John Dean from writing pro-Republican books? He is a well-known author with decades of notoriety who could make money just as easily on pro-Trump books. Let me say that again: JOHN DEAN COULD JUST AS EASILY MAKE MONEY ON PRO-REPUBLICAN BOOKS.

Republicans are trying to suggest that John Dean would somehow be broke, standing at the corner illegally cleaning windshields with dirty water, sticking his hand in drivers’ faces if only it weren’t for him making money by exposing Republicans. We are supposed to be outraged — and we should be. We should be outraged that Republicans have nothing better to do than distract from the purpose of the hearings by attacking capitalism, by attacking John Dean, and by attacking John Dean making money when he could make money regardless of his views.

So why would John Dean — who could make money with either pro-Trump books or books that expose Donald Trump — choose to write books about one but not the other? Maybe it’s what he actually believes? Is that possible?


Meanwhile, on the Republican side, they brought their own “expert.” His name is John Malcolm and he’s a propagandist with the Manhattan Institute. Manhattan Institute is one of so many think-tanks that act as Republican spam machines, with Republicans in powerful positions. Funding of the Manhattan Institute is a whos-who of reactionary think-tank funding families — specifically the Koch Brothers, Bradley, Scaife, Coors, and Olin. These five family foundations have been attacking Democrats for decades. Malcolm makes his money be defending Republicans, and therefore would only be able to take one side. BUT NOBODY BROUGHT THAT UP.


ABC News with David Muir did not cover the hearings at all. Not one second. Total silence.