For the Sake of Free Speech, Block Republican Sites Off the Internet

At first, this idea might seem nutty, but think for a second. Really, it’s the only logical way to protect free speech on the internet. Block Republican sites off the entire thing. Wipe them out. Once that’s done, something really big changes.

The people who spent years spewing propaganda about how we need to avoid and then end net neutrality ought to experience the results of their policy choices. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can just refuse service to them, or can refuse to let them upload sites, or can block others from accessing their sites.

This is poetic justice: Let the proponent of the policy experience the results in a personal way. They want internet discrimination so badly? Here goes. You’re outta here! Republicans cry about “free speech” all the time. All those crocodile tears for blocking “hate speech” can convert to real tears when they experience actual discrimination.

But more important than the moral karma, Republicans only understand force. Once they are forced off the internet in sufficient numbers, they will finally wake up to the reality that maybe ending net neutrality wasn’t such a bright idea.

Then, the people who subsidize many of these not-so-free subsidized propaganda outlets like PragerU (featured picture), a pop conservative video propaganda site masquerading as a “university,” can take their billions and spend it on a better cause: restoring net neutrality. Some solutions are so simple. We just have to think like Republicans and then act accordingly.