2020: Donald Trump Could Hold the White House and Lose Popular Vote by Eight Figures

In 2016, Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 2,868,686 votes assuming speedy California has finally finished counting. That seemed so huge back then compared for example to the 2000 victory by George W. Bush which was against the popular vote by a meager 543,895, but managed to stop the vote count in Florida as Al Gore was shrinking the difference, reverted it back to 537 votes, and one final vote by Clarence Thomas.

There are two things that could bring the popular vote loser into the White House with incredibly low popular vote numbers. First, there is the Electoral College method. Second, there is the exciting new ballot ban method.


In 2020, Donald Trump could lose by 10,000,000 or more votes and still get back into the White House. All it would take is more polarization. With Donald Trump attacking states that voted against him, increased polarization is assured. The fun of representative minoritocracy is just beginning.

We don’t want “mob rule.” Nobody would ever want a mob to rule. Experts will tell you that 62,984,828 people is something less than a mob, but 65,853,514 qualifies as a mob. These numbers are subject to change, but they will always fall between the popular vote win of Democrats and the popular vote loss of Republicans. That’s just how math works.


Under the ballot ban method, Donald Trump could lose by 50 million. This is where the “blue states” require that people release tax returns to the public before they can qualify to be on the ballot. Under this method, Donald Trump winds up with zero in states that pass such requirements.

As a bonus, such a restriction could provide a good number of delegates for a primary challenger unless the really slow moving Supreme Court decides to work their butts off and write up an emergency unsigned 5-4 decision saying states no longer get to make the eligibility rules for who gets on the ballot while they are sitting on partisan gerrymandering cases year after year and this is a serious run-on sentence. Editor please? But the Supreme Court would never rush a decision out to interfere with an election, right Son of Bush?