Mitch McConnell And The Republican Senate Will Block Everything in 2021

The pundits can always be fully trusted. They’re the ones who told us John Kerry was “electable” and gave Hillary Clinton a 99 percent chance of “winning.” Now they are saying there is an uphill battle for Democrats to win the Senate. Democrats must win net three seats plus the White House, or if Donald Trump gets back in against the wishes of the American people, then they need net four seats.

Let’s assume that a Democrat wins the White House and actually gets to occupy it even after all of the cheating that will still be going on. So, President Pete Buttigieg decides he wants to add two seats to the Supreme Court to reverse the unfairness that took place when Mitch McConnell blocked the nomination of Merrick Garland in 2016. The problem is obvious. Mitch McConnell will also block any legislation to expand the Supreme Court. Foiled. Mitch McConnell and the entire block of top-down Republican oligarch service people will stop anything and everything for as long as necessary to hold onto power. This could be a problem.

But before we even get to expanding the Supreme Court to restore the natural balance that would have given it a Democratic appointed majority for the first time since 1969, we have to consider things even more basic.

Donald Trump and his swamp figures are dismantling the federal government from the inside, standard Republican policy since Ronald Reagan (in case anyone thought that Donald Trump was somehow “unprecedented” because he’s not). All those vacancies need to be filled. But a president cannot fill his cabinet without Senate approval. Mitch McConnell could stop that too.

So, if Democrats don’t get at least their three seats for a perfect 50-50 balanced Senate, virtually nothing will be done. Everything stops, everything that is, except the destruction. The five partisans at the Supreme Court will overturn every law they don’t like and extend every law they like. Government by Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and John Roberts. The Supreme Court would never be partisan considering how they got in there. They will be purely objective, constitutional and originalist.