Statisticians Expect 2020 Census Numbers to Drop to 1970 Levels in 2020.

The Supreme Court heard the case where the Donald Trump administration and Wilber Ross are changing the census questionnaire to add a question about citizenship. Or really to revert to having such a question, as there was one, then there wasn’t. Experts determined that the citizenship question reduced turnout so they got rid of the question. Besides, the Constitution does not distinguish between citizenship and residence.

Pundits predict that the Court will decide in favor of Donald Trump, not just his selections but the whole Federalist crew of five Republican appointments. But don’t criticize the Court. It is objective. It is fair. They do constitutional interpretation. They are above politics.*

*Well, as long as Republicans hold the majority and not a second longer.

The immediate result of the new census question? Six million people not counted, mostly in blue states. That means less money for those states, less representation, a way around the precious one-person-one-vote concept that Republicans hate so much, and that’s just the beginning.

The war against Americans counting is on. Democrats in red states have replied, “Well then we’re not gonna fill out our census forms to counterbalance the under count.” To which Republicans have now retorted, “Well then we’re not gonna fill out our census forms in blue states.”

The American population is expected to drop from 308,745,538 in 2010 to 210,306,568 in 2020.