Trump Trump OMG Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! OMG Trump Oh Noooo!!

The staff at Newscast Now cannot emphasize enough how dangerous Donald Trump is to our way of life — to our very planet — the universe even. Our editorial staff voted four to four to take a strong stand in this grave emergency. Nino finally recused himself. Four and a cattle prod is greater than four, so this is now the official editorial policy of the newsroom.


We can’t trust Trump. He’s narcissistic. Somebody do something. His vile rhetoric is going to kill us. Trump is Hitler and Mussolini in one. Let’s defy the voters for the sake of democracy. Trump Trump OMG Trump.

UPDATE: This is no longer the official editorial policy of our newsroom. Things change swiftly. Check back in 20 minutes for more.

Photos: Trump, Cruz.

  • Me you

    Ted Cruz is the devil. Donald Trump is Satan. Hillary Clinton is Lucifer. Bernie Sanders is the Dark One. Great contest shaping up.