Nuts and Bolts of the Republican Coup of 2016

NOT ONE CHARGE against Democrats by Republicans since the 2016 election actually had any discernible effect on the election. Republicans don’t even make claims that Democrats cheated in the election except yelling “voter fraud” — and there was very little of that. Instead, they complain that Democrats want to overturn the 2016 election — that Democrats are working on a coup after the election — that Republicans simply should not be investigated. For anything. Ever. Not even by Republicans like James Comey or Robert Mueller.

But the coup did occur. The coup occurred in 2016 when Republicans stole the election. As we look back at what happened before the election, Republicans charge Democrats with bad texts, or spying on Donald Trump, or Hillary this or Hunter that or whatever. But ask yourself the question: Where in those charges are there any things that affected the 2016 election at all? If bad texts were sent (they were), how did that translate into cheating? It didn’t. If spying on Donald’s campaign occurred (it didn’t), how does that translate into cheating? It didn’t.

To test whether something affected the election, we need to connect it to the election outcome. While the above charges and all the other nonstop charges against Democrats cannot be shown to have affected the outcome, there are many things done by Republicans that did affect the outcome. And with such a slim “win,” we can be sure the total of these things put Donald Trump into office:

  • Foreign Republican partisan and WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange worked for the Donald Trump campaign not only on the timing of the DNC leaks, but also helped with other propaganda, and even suggested that Donald Trump not “conceed [sic]” the election. WikiLeaks made its partisan operation crystal clear: “We believe it would be much better for GOP to win.”
  • Lifelong PSYOP man Steve Pieczenik admitted to a coup in progress in a YouTube video. Of course he called it a “counter-coup.” His actions could only be defined as a coup attempt: “we in the intelligence community and others involved have informally gotten together [to initiate] a counter-coup.” Republican projection. The video got three million views days before the election.
  • The main product of Julian Assange was the slow release of DNC leaks — inside campaign private communications. Some were embarrassing. Those consumed mainstream press in the last few weeks before the election The rest were woven into a story about how Democrats were pedophiles, using words like “pizza” to code their abuse of children. Those filled the internet.
  • Republican operative and Donald Trump ‘attorney’ Rudy Giuliani admitted he broke the law to help the Trumplandia NY FBI with an October surprise. The surprise manifested before the election in the form of the Anthony Weiner device loaded with emails concerning Hillary Clinton. It is still curious how those emails wound up on that device anyway.
  • Based on the Weiner device, James Comey reopened the email investigation knowing that his letter would be leaked by Republicans in the House, and so it was leaked immediately. Many have said this is the very event that determined the outcome of the election.
  • Voter data was turned over the Russia by Paul Manafort that was used to target people in swing states (as was the campaign of Jill Stein).
  • Cambridge Analytica, funded by billionaire Sheldon Adelson, scraped Facebook data then targeted people in swing states with carefully crafted psychological appeals to get them to vote for Donald Trump, or more often, to abstain from voting against him.
  • The Steele dossier, which remains a major topic of propaganda, was not revealed to the public until after the 2016 election, and still nobody has made any claims that it affected that election.
  • Establishment Republicans engaged in massive cheating through voter suppression and voter purging — eight figures worth — which was really the main cause for Donald Trump and his Republican cohorts stealing the 2016 election, although, just like in 2000 when Republicans stole it, it took every dirty trick in the book to complete the theft of democracy.

The bullet points above affected the election. And that’s before we talk about Russia.

After-the-fact allegations that Democrats did something bad or illegal behind the scenes don’t change the reality of who cheated on the 2016 election. And they’re doing it again for 2020 — this time adding the huge new cheating method of messing with the Postal Service.

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