Oh No, Attorney General William ‘Bill’ Barr is Ruining His Stellar Reputation

Last night, the Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee voted to find William ‘Bill’ Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify to the committee. Lock him up!

The tragedy of it all, seeing such a good man fall down flat on his face. William ‘Bill’ Barr was the Attorney General for the incredible George Bush administration back in the 1990’s where he was the epitome of American love and patriotism. He comes back for a second run at this top government position only to throw it all away by supporting Donald Trump’s total opacity of government. Who would ever have predicted such a great man would fall so far?

Bill Barr wrote up his silly “summary” of the Robert Mueller report declaring a win for Donald Trump. Then, he lied to Congress. Now, he refuses to answer questions or subpoenas creating a “Constitutional crisis” of separation of powers.

But it wasn’t always like this. Bill Barr used to be the upstandingest Republican ever, as is typical of every Republican right before they use up their accredited capital to do the dirtiest of deeds.

Bill Barr was the hero who wrote the secret memo that “the FBI could forcibly abduct people in other countries without the consent of the foreign state” even before George Bush’s son made secret legal reasoning in vogue. He was ahead of the curve.

Bill Barr was there when George Bush begin the quagmire that is the Middle East today, killing hundreds of thousands of people including thousands of Americans. What’s that? The media never told you that thousands of Americans died in the 1991 “Gulf War”? The pundits missed this official government report. Whoops.

But most wonderful of all, Bill Barr saved a America from a horrible fee-fee inducing crisis after George Bush lost the 1992 election when he pardoned everyone remaining subject to the Iran-Contra investigation and saved America from the truth: that Ronald Reagan was just a plain old criminal doing the bidding of his wealthy ‘owners’ — both in economic policy and in international hegemony.

Bill Barr covered up Iran-Contra, thereby avoiding accountability for the crimes of those in the Ronald Reagan administration, and even helped with a pardon for Eliott Abrams. As a direct result of these acts, we got George W. Bush in the White House and the Donald Trump that came after.

But you know, Bill Barr was so credible just three months ago when the Republican Senate approved him to become the Attorney General again, with an additional three Democratic votes, and one short of a perfect sweep of Republicans.

Why is it that so many establishment Republicans come to the aid of outsider Donald Trump? You can figure this one out for yourself.