Friday Words and Pictures: Big Bird Trolls Russia, Boston Globe Trolls Trump

Here are this week’s moments in words and pictures. The Boston Globe releases a satire paper. Big Bird trolls a Russian fighter jet. The #ResistCapitalism movement rushes to conform with proper attire. And Republicans try to brainstorm on how to get a nominee they like.

The Boston Globe released a satire cover, not much different from its usual covers, to describe what would happen under a Donald Trump presidency. Another writer also prepared this satire cover for if Bernie Sanders became president, but this one was rejected — proving once again that Bernie Sanders has been blacked-out.


US media went crazy about a Russian fighter jet “buzzing” the US Navy in international waters. A major war was just about to break out, but fortunately, relief was provided by PBS. Koch brothers are big supporters of PBS (and this site too).


friday-big-bird-resist-capitalism-teesThe #ResistCapitalism protest was big news this week as was the Capitol protest. True radicals always make their views known with high quality t-shirts. If you support the #ResistCapitalism movement, be sure to get one of these and let everybody know how you feel. Nothing feels better then showing off your anti-establishment views as you come out of the McDonald’s bathroom, pumped up on two or three Quarter Pounder With Cheeses, ready in your Nike pumps to march all day — and maybe even get arrested in it. Support workers in Bangladesh.

The Republican Party, who are supposed to be against Ted Cruz have lined up solidly behind him, and for good reason. But some are still having trouble with using Ted Cruz as the only hope to stop Donald Trump.


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