It Begins: Racially Charged Gun Battle Leaves Young White Indiana Mother Dead

According to reports, a group of white people (or at least people who were definitely not black) and a group of black people had a late night park encounter, exchanging racially charged words. Soon thereafter, a 24-year old white mother was shot and killed. Supporters of the victim are crying out on Twitter for media coverage of this crime, claiming it is an assault by Black Lives Matter upon white people.

Here is the little bit we actually know so far:

  • The young mother was walking with two other people including her fiance at the Indianapolis Canal Walk at about three in the morning July 5, according to the fiance.
  • Unnamed “witnesses” heard someone in the white group used the n-word.
  • Then “strangers” apparently heard the word and responded by saying “Black lives matter,” said her fiance.
  • One of the four white people retorted, “White lives matter,” according to the fiance, although he is not sure which. It could have been the young mother.
  • According to the first news report, “Eventually the two sides separated because they realized they were both armed. However, minutes later Ramirez claims the killer opened fire from a nearby bridge and ran away.”
  • The fiance “returned fire, but didn’t hit anyone” according to the report, meaning shots flew both ways.
  • A young white single mother of a three-year old is dead.

All of this information comes from the crowd hanging out with the white woman, except the mysterious witnesses who heard the n-word and witnesses who heard shots. We have one side of the story, totally unchecked and unverified. We don’t have any video or any description of the black people yet. We don’t know if they were connected to Black Lives Matter or to what extent. We don’t know how many there were. We do know that the white people were armed, and we know that SHOTS WERE FIRED BOTH WAYS, BUT WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO STARTED SHOOTING. For all we know right now, the white crowd could have fired first.

The video report from the same source notes that one week before a 14-year old black boy was shot and killed at the same park. That story wasn’t widely covered either.

But don’t let any of that stop the Racial Spam Machine from assuming the story is 100 percent true all over Twitter and using it as a political prop to say Black Lives Matter is violent and to support Donald Trump.

The original article being used to spam so much race-baiting actually states straight out that virtually none of the allegations are known to be true, but don’t let that get in the way of a good race narrative:

Police have not independently verified whether the supposed argument over “Black Lives Matter” occurred or if the fatal shooting was even connected.

Even assuming for a second that the entire story is true — that a Black Lives Matter supporter shot and killed the poor white woman — it would be the exception. Cross racial attacks generally go the other way. But this one example is spammed to millions of people on the internet at social media sites and partisan spam sites to ‘prove’ that generally white people are the victims of black people — which itself is a message of racial bigotry. It’s the same kind of emotional manipulation and misuse of data that blamed Bernie Sanders supporters generally when Congressman Steve Scalise was shot by a supporter.

In large populations, defying probability and ideology, eventually some crazy person in one group will do something against someone in the opposing group. Trying to make big political points out of such an oddity is dishonest.

Rest in peace to the poor woman and prayers to her family.