Donald Trump Accidentally Occupied the White House, Here Comes the Accidental Iran War

Whoops! Donald Trump does not want a war against Iran. He just tore up the hard-fought Iran peace deal obliviously and has been threatening Iran ever since because? Because it was all a political stunt? Can’t be that. Donald Trump would never do anything for politics. Only Democrats do those things. Well, Democrats and anyone who so much as crosses his eyes at Donald Trump and right then at that very second.

Which leaves only one thing. An accident. Whoops! We have a little war building here that just happens to be standard Republican PNAC agenda since right before George W. Bush stole the 2000 election with the help of his five cohorts at the Supreme Court because The Donald found some of the best people from the swamp and readmitted them to the halls of governance many years after they were discredited. What else could it be?

There is a Deep State and it is literally the people Donald Trump hired. Hillary must be behind this. She sent brainwave-corrupting sonar into the White House while The Don was asleep and filled his head with nomination picks.

And of course The Donald never wanted to actually be the executive. It was all a big accident too. He told Michael Cohen that he didn’t expect to win. It had nothing to do with covering his ass for if he lost and could not occupy the White House the way the prior Republican loser, George W. Bush did. It wasn’t his big ego. He really believed that he did not want the job as he did everything he could with his Russian-associated campaign, Wikileaks and the standard Establishment Republican voter suppression and cheating. This time, Mr. Ten Thousand Lies was telling the truth, honest.

All this too was an accident. It was the biggest accident of all that he wound up continuing the same old tired Republican agenda of tax cuts, deregulation, sabotage of government agencies, and now the infamous war on seven nations. Whoops again!

Poor Donald. He is such a victim of his own appointments. Nobody can be trusted.

(Featured picture from CBS News)