Cory Booker Throws First Bomb at Elizabeth Warren From the Right

Senator from New Jersey Cory Booker, a “moderate” candidate and one of nearly two dozen running for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential primaries is polling very low since Joe Biden absorbed much campaign oxygen. Now Cory is ready to take on — the “front runner”? No. The oligarchy? No. The opacity of the Republican administration as it refuses to comply with subpoenas? No.

Cory Booker is going after Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, pointing the finger and calling her “like a Donald Trump.” His reasoning: Warren’s is making specific policy suggestions. Warren is considering breaking up tech giants.

This is a very Republican stance and one that guarantees nothing will done. We’ve seen it time and time again and typically from Republicans:

  • The George W. Bush administration should not investigate or fire anyone in the cabinet because nobody has been found guilty of crimes.
  • Guns are not a problem in America so we cannot actually allow the government to study them and see.
  • It would be racist or discriminatory to look at — well — to look at differences between the plights of blacks versus whites. We should just assume everything is fine and avoid statistics.

Just like those things, Cory Booker says that we can’t look at which companies might need to be broken up until after we go through the process. Newsflash Cory: We can’t go through the process on theory. We have to actually look at the companies involved.

Why is Cory Booker running for president anyway? He may be an example of diversity but he is no Barack Obama. He has no chance. Is he in the race to game the primaries and foil certain candidates and push people toward others?

Here are portions of the ABC News interview:

BOOKER: Warren’s already out there saying break up Facebook, break up Google, break up Amazon… I don’t think that a president should be running around pointing at companies and saying breaking them up without any kind of process here.

Sure, let’s decide to apply the “process” without knowing where to apply it. That will surely produce the best results.

BOOKER: Do I think it’s a massive problem in America, corporate consolidation? Absolutely… It’s not me and my own personal opinion about going after folks…

Cory accused Elizabeth of a very base personality problem: running solely on “personal opinion.” No, Cory, maybe take a look in the mirror because that’s your uninformed personal opinion. Liz has done enough work on the break up issue to establish the equivalent of “reasonable cause.” Now, we investigate. We investigate the suspicious companies. That’s “process.”

Once Elizabeth came out with her idea of breaking up big tech companies, Chris Hughes, a Facebook founder, agreed. Looks like Warren was ahead of the curve with her investigation. Odds are pretty high that some significant action will be taken, but such a thing can only occur after we talk about it.

BOOKER: That sounds more like a Donald Trump thing to say, like I’m gonna break up you guys … No, we need to create systems and processes …

This is what is called a PERSONAL ATTACK, plain and simple, unless of course, you believe the God Emperor can do no wrong,. But something tells me that those voting in the Democratic primary see The Donald in a totally different light (or darkness).

JONATHAN KARL of ABC THIS WEEK: You just compared Elizabeth Warren to Donald Trump.

BOOKER: I most certainly did not.

Um, yes. Yes you did. You have cooties Cory, and this is baby stuff now. Basta!

BOOKER: Let her discuss and debate her positions. I’m telling you right now we do not need a president that is going to use her own personal beliefs and tell you which companies we should break up. We need a president that is going to enforce anti-trust laws in this country, and I will be that person.

Sure, you’re gonna do a great job investigating monopolies by not naming them until afterward. He also said:

BOOKER: I don’t look at the lane to the right or the left. I run my race.

He’s looking at the lane to the left with a Republican-style personal attack. Have a nice day, Cory.